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Data Enhancements

Reduce costs and improve customer communications

Maintaining the quality and durability of data is key to any company's profitability; however protecting your vital records from decay can be a never-ending challenge. Our batch with suppression data quality software facilitates this challenge, and brings many benefits to your organisation:

  • Saves time and money - avoid wasting budget on those who cannot or will not respond improves data integrity and maintains your brand image.
  • Clean accurate data assists in helping to meet compliance requirements.

Batch with Suppression allows you to remove unwanted records from your database.

It's features include:

  • Maintaining the quality of your data and remove inputting errors.
  • Removing those who can't or won't respond and exhibit a responsible approach to data.
  • Ability to append additional data to your clean files to increase intelligence and improve process.
  • Configurable desktop solution compatible with a wide range of databases.
  • Choice of removing or flagging suppressed records during the cleansing process. Records excluded from a specific mailing or data extraction can still be incorporated into the next appropriate mailing without the need for maintaining several databases in parallel.

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