Experian’s Fraud Detecting Services for Business

Detecting Fraud

Identity Authentication

To build trusted relationships with customers it is vital that you can establish the identity of your customer with confidence. Manual approaches to securing identity are labour intensive, prone to error and can have a negative impact on customer experience. Experian’s Authentication tools verify and validate the identity of a customer in real-time to prevent fraud and reduce liabilities.

Electronic identity confirmation and address capture in seconds

Capture, check and validate your customer's address and identity in just a few seconds to protect your organisation from fraud, speed-up customer validation and increase customer satisfaction.

Electronic ID verification:

Experian’s Electronic ID verification service is deployed with templates or can be specifically tailored to suit your individual business requirements. This intelligent identity checking solution provides multiple ways to electronically verify your customers. Parameters you set generate results that enable your staff to make quick and confident decisions on the authenticity of an individual’s identity and address. Its features include:

  • Improves efficiency and customer service.
  • Reduces risk of fraud and revenue loss.
  • Is quick and easy to implement.

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