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Reuniting with Unclaimed Assets (UAR)

The UAR database holds over four million records of individuals who have unclaimed monies from life assurance, pensions and unit trusts, as well as unclaimed shares and dividends from UK listed companies. Many searches are initiated by solicitors carrying out probate. To help pensioners reclaim their entitlement, details of those pensioners and deferreds who cannot be located during the tracing process are placed on Experian’s Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR).


Targeting communication at customers who are no longer present at an address wastes time, money and resources. Using Experian’s Autotrace Plus service you can trace lost customers and maintain the accuracy of your customer data.

Experian’s Autotrace Plus software is a fast and cost effective tracing solution, that enables you to identify the location of lost customers and re-establish contact. It uses sophisticated data matching and monitoring techniques that allow you to identify the likely forwarding address of your customer or establish that they continue to be ‘living as stated’. In addition, it can provide an indication of the strength of connection between the customer and the address.

Mortality Checking

The problems caused by not knowing when your customers have passed away are far reaching. Without regular checks you could overpay customers who have died, or lose money by paying the wrong people in fraudulent claims.

Experian’s advanced mortality screening service helps pension administrators, annuity providers and financial services organisations to verify if any of your existing customers are deceased. It can help you maintain the accuracy of your data, avoid embarrassing communication and protect your corporate reputation.

Data Appending

Experian’s data appending services can add valuable insight which can help to target and manage your customer relationships as effectively as possible. Our batch with suppression data quality software facilitates this challenge, by maintaining the quality of your data and remove inputting errors which can bring many benefits to your organisation.


To build trusted relationships with legitimate customers it is vital that you can accurately asses the likelihood of fraud and make the correct decisions about your customers before transactions have taken place.

Experian’s Electronic Identity Authentication tools allow you to detect, validate and authenticate your customer’s identity and prevent fraud in real-time at every stage of your customer relationship.

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“Experian’s electronic tracing service will help you find those deferred and pensioner members you’ve been trying to locate, and The Unclaimed Assets Register helps pensioners recover their forgotten pensions.
With schemes under increasing pressure to tidy up their records, these services can play a key role in supporting the pensions industry.”
National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF), 2010
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