Experian’s Mortality Checking Services for Business

Mortality Checking

Identify deceased pensioners

Contacting individuals who are deceased is costly and embarrassing. Keeping data which is inaccurate can result in penalties and lead to inaccurate communication and over payment which costs the industry several million pounds every year.

Experian can help pension adminstrators:

  • Maintain the accuracy of customer information.
  • Focus resources on investigating those identified as most probably deceased.
  • Identify over payments, reduce long-term liabilities and reduce costs.
  • Eliminate requirements for certificates of existence.
  • Safeguard corporate reputation.

Mortality screening

Experian’s pensions mortality screening service, is a fast, discreet and efficient method for screening your pension file to confirm whether active pensioners are alive. Results show that on average, up to 1 percent of “active” pensioners maybe deceased.

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