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Life & Pensions

Locating lost customers is a common problem, with an average 10-15 percent of customer records held by organisations estimated to be inaccurate. In addition, there is increasing regulatory pressure on companies to keep records up-to-date, maintain contact with members and ensure assets are paid to all those entitled. Experian helps companies to:

  • Trace and locate customers to ensure they maintain access to their assets.
  • Reunite customers with lost assets.
  • Reduce costs through wasted communication.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance to safeguard corporate reputation.

Tracing service

Experian’s tracing service is fast, efficient and economical, identifying, on average, new addresses for 65-70 percent of lost customers and mail returns.

Drawing from Experian’s extensive data it provides companies with access to highly accurate and effective tracing. Large volume tracing can be undertaken in a batch whilst our online system provides immediate results for smaller files and individual records.

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