Experian's Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR) for Business

Reuniting Unclaimed Assets

The Unclaimed Assets Register helps insurers, pension providers, financial institutions and listed companies address the issue of unclaimed money by providing a single source to search for lost investments.

The UAR database holds records of individuals who have unclaimed monies from life assurance, pensions and unit trusts, as well as unclaimed shares and dividends from UK listed companies.

Businesses can submit their customer data to the Register for tracing to help reunite consumers with lost assets.

Become a member of the UAR

By becoming a member of the UAR, businesses can get access to Experian’s range of data management services including ID authentication, automated tracing and mortality screening.

Checking the registry regularly helps businesses maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers whenever they move home and change address or as their contact details or family status changes.

Experian’s data management tools improve the accuracy of your customer data to prevent fraud , minimise loss and safeguard your corporate reputation.

Contact Us

For details about the UAR service, please call:

0333 000 0182


This Service will be decommissioned from Wednesday 31st August 2022, you may continue to utilise the Unclaimed Asset Register until this date. Please note, for consumers wishing to search for lost assets there are alternative products available in the market.

Existing Users

Login into your UAR account and make a search.

New Users

Register with the UAR to search for your lost assets.
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