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About Lost Assets

An asset can be separated from its owner for many reasons , including:

  • Death
  • Change of address
  • Illegal activity.
  • A failure of the owner to notify a company or Registrar of a change of address.
  • People make investments and fail to tell their partners

Whilst companies make efforts to find customers when funds are due to be paid out these efforts are entirely down to the company concerned. As a result many assets are lost and consumers lose touch with their provider.

The total value of unclaimed financial assets in the UK has not been accurately defined, but it is approximately £15-20bn.

Experian's Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR) reunites consumers with their lost assets and financial provider

How the UAR helps consumers, solicitors and executors

  • Quick and easy online search
  • Recovery of forgotten monies
  • Re-establish contact with your financial institution
  • Protection from identity theft and fraud
  • Safeguard your families assets following death

How the UAR helps businesses

  • Trace and reunite consumers with their lost assets
  • Protect assets from identity theft and fraud
  • Reduce costs by accessing a single online database for tracing consumers and sourcing their assets
  • Adhere to Data Protection legislation by regular maintenance of accurate customer contact data
  • Ensure timely communication with investors
  • Safeguard your corporate reputation
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